Al-Mustakbal is an initiative run by a global network of Sudanese students and young professionals aiming to support the country’s development through helping Sudanese youth realize their potential through improving access to professional and educational opportunities through its two main programs Tamreen and Tadrees respectively.

Our Programs

The Tadrees initiative strives to equip Sudanese youth with the skills and information necessary to become leaders and experts in various sectors. By facilitating access to leading international graduate programs, the Tadrees initiative enables students to learn cutting-edge research, techniques and technology in their field. Through this graduate specialization, students will gain the expertise to become innovative leaders in their own fields and contribute to development in Sudan.

The Tamreen initiative seeks to realign the skills attained by Sudanese students at home or abroad, during their studies, with the skills that employers in Sudan need. On a broader note, Tamreen is about providing the vocational training necessary to empower the youth and thus drive the economy into development and efficiency. Tamreen currently runs one flagship project – the Internship Program, which focuses on offering structured internship programs to Sudanese students.